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Task Ontology and Task Ontology Authoring Tool (TOAD)
Plaka area in Athens, Greece as "seen" by flickr images
iPhone & eBook Prototypes


The various TALOS components and their outputs have been put together forming the TALOS system. The TALOS system has two output channels, which result in two prototypes, namely a task-aware travel guide, in an eBook form, and a mobile travel guide, designed for the Apple iPhone platform.

The first prototype is a portal Web site that allows travelers to buy or select a MMV travel guide of their choice. It allows the traveler to save additional content from the Web to his or her personal space, tag the additional content with relevant tasks and add the tagged content to the travel guide. The travel guide including additional content can then be downloaded as an eBook or used in the iPhone app.

The second prototype consists of a mobile travel guide for the iPhone platform. The mobile travel guide offers data extracted from the back-end server in various representations, through task-based interfaces. The fact that available content is organized around tasks, in combination with the exploitation of the user’s context leads to efficient and personalized content provision. The mobile travel guide includes four modes of operation, namely,

  • Activities: a task-based interface to the content.
  • E-book: a content mode, with the travel guide’s content in e-book form.
  • Map: a map-based mode.
  • Diary: a travel diary mode.

The following screencast showcases this interface.